Tuesday, January 12


Welcome back! Oh, wait- it's me that's been missing. Ok- welcome back to ME!! I'm going to make a better effort to update the blog more often this year. And no- this is not a New Year's resolution. Blech! I never keep 'em, so why make one? ;)

I just uploaded some photos from New Year's, so I thought this was the perfect place to start. Behold, the one person in our family who knows how to have a good time:

Off to soccer practice...that's right- I'm a soccer mom again. Thanks, Meghan! :)


Lisa said...

that is one cute party girl! lock her up when she hits her teens!

and i just read the f-bomb post. hilarious!!!

Kerry said...

Yay! Beth is back to blogging!! (I admit, I'm a bad facebook girl, I understand!)

That photo is a riot!!! OMG!

Happy New Year! Love ya!

Kerry said...

OH and Jake and his shorts and Tshirt are making me laugh! The dude needs to come visit me. Have we ever seen him cover his arms? haha!

laura said...

omg that pictures is hilarious! good to "see" you here! ;) happy new year!

Molove said...

Yay! Glad you will be blogging again. I miss all the pictures! FB is great, but not much detail. I support your new resolution.