Wednesday, September 30



Ryan and Erin and I were talking, and Ryan out of the blue mentioned that he hears the F-word at school a lot. Erin was shocked and couldn't believe it. So here's the conversation that followed:

Erin: "At school? You hear the F-word at school?!"
Ryan: "Erin. It's Jr. High- you hear lots of stuff in Jr. High."
Erin: "Geez- I only hear it when Mom whispers it. And it's always in the car."
Ryan: (hysterical laughter) "You're busted, Mom."

Note to self- turn radio up in the car to mask my potty mouth...


Dust and Maddy said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!! I love it!

laura said...

in the words of homer simpson - DOH!! :D

Qwendykay said...

Dude.. you are so BUSTED. Laura has had the joy of learning that Hate & Stupid is a naughty word in our house.. but Son of a B----- is not.

Molove said...

Bad baaaad mommy :)

laura said...

where are yoouuuuuu???? who is the blog slacker now???? ;) miss you!!