Tuesday, July 28

Well, that was fast!

A fast summer break, that is. The kids started school yesterday- 7th, 5th and 2nd grades. Ryan is off to Jr. High, and the girls are back to the usual- literally, since they have the same teachers we've had in the past. Meghan has Ryan's former 5th grade teacher, and Erin has the 2nd grade teacher both Ryan and Meghan had. I love it when that happens! They know us and we know them, so it makes for an easy transition.

Ryan is thrilled with his teachers. So thrilled, his worst part of the day was "getting on the bus to come home." Fabulous! Meghan is happy with her teacher and classmates and also had a great day. Erin however, thinks she isn't cut out to being a 2nd grader. Her response to my question of how her day went: "How many days till summer vacation?" Yikes. Her problem? "Mom. I really don't think I'm going to be able to unpack my backpack and be ready as fast as the teacher wants. This is going to be hard!" I tried not to smile, but the seriousness on her face was priceless. I reassured her that it probably took longer than necessary because of all the school supplies she had to unpack and that seemed to pacify her. It should be interesting to hear her next complaint. The kid is always full of surprises!


Grammie said...

Oh, Wow. School already !
You guys look great...even your co-ordinated flip/flops /sneekers !!
Good shopping, Mom. Hope you all have a great year.
Love ya most :)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are all looking so grown up (especially Megan). Enjoy your time:)

Lynne said...

Woohoo, the annual first day of school post. Love the girls' outfits and Ryan's cool Vans.

Lisa said...

those are some cute kids!! reminds me of when anna started kindergarten and brought home a sheet of "homework" and stated--this stuff is hard! lol

Dust and Maddy said...

I thought I had commented on this already. HOLY COW -- I cannot believe how big your kids are getting. I guess Ellie and Erin are about the same age as Megan was when we first met. CRAZY! And Ryan looks like a teen ager. GEEEEEEZ!